Ebean ORM Persistence Layer

Ebean is an open-source (LGPL license) Java Object Relational Mapping tool. It uses JPA Annotations for mapping as it provides a simple API for fetching and saving object graphs.

We spent the past few months working at AscInc.com as a game programmer. They are a small indie studio that develops games of all sorts of games and VR experiences. We had the opportunity to work on an unannounced, upcoming Unity game.

We've been asked to incorporate a local SQLite database backend with object-relational mapping into their VR game made in Unity. This was our first experience with implementing a database in any context, let alone in Unity. It was quite a struggle as there weren't many helpful resources on the internet on this. But we did it.

More info coming soon...

Release News

  • 03 Apr 2014 - Release 3.3.1: Bug fixes and removal of deprecated API
  • 11 Sep 2013 - Release 3.2.4: Bug fixes
  • 02 Aug 2013 - Release 3.2.3: Bug fixes
  • 12 Jul 2013 - Release 3.2.2: Bug fixes
  • 26 Apr 2013 - Release 3.2.1: Restructor of project, Feature removal, Bug fixes

Getting Started

There is an example application with embedded H2 database which is a good place to get started with Ebean. Go to the downloads to get the example application.



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