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Getting started
Gives steps for getting started with ebean using a file for configuration.
Getting started
(programmatic configuration)
Gives steps for getting started with ebean programmatic configuration via ServerConfig.
Getting started
(spring configuration)
Getting started with ebean in a Spring environment. This covers using Spring configuration of EbeanServer instances and use of Spring transaction management.
Javadoc of Ebean API Standard javadoc of Ebean's public API. The javadoc is also included in the sourceforge download.
Reference guide (pdf) This is the PDF reference guide for using Ebean.

Functional documentation

Transparent Encryption support Ebean supports transparent encryption and decryption of properties. It can do this DB encryption functions (so that properties can still be used in WHERE clauses) or using Java client side encryption.
Queries Introduction to Ebean's query language and query functionality.
Transactions Introduction to transaction demarcation.
Save and Delete Introduction to save and delete functionality.
JAX-RS Integration JAX-RS Integration to help develop RESTful (well REST like) API's to Entities.
Introduction User Guide (pdf) Install/Configure Public JavaDoc Whitepapers
General Database Specific Byte Code Deployment Annotations Features
Top Bugs Top Enhancements