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Packages that use EntityBeanIntercept
com.avaje.ebean Public API (see Ebean). 
com.avaje.ebean.bean Enhanced beans API and Support objects 

Uses of EntityBeanIntercept in com.avaje.ebean

Methods in com.avaje.ebean that return EntityBeanIntercept
 EntityBeanIntercept MapBean.getEbeanIntercept()
          Return the EntityBeanIntercept that controls the method interception and old values creation.

Methods in com.avaje.ebean with parameters of type EntityBeanIntercept
 void MapBean.setEbeanIntercept(EntityBeanIntercept ebi)
          Not allowed for MapBeans.

Uses of EntityBeanIntercept in com.avaje.ebean.bean

Methods in com.avaje.ebean.bean that return EntityBeanIntercept
 EntityBeanIntercept EntityBean.getEbeanIntercept()
          Return the intercept for this object.

Methods in com.avaje.ebean.bean with parameters of type EntityBeanIntercept
 void EntityBean.setEbeanIntercept(EntityBeanIntercept entityBeanIntercept)
          Set the intercept for this entity object.