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Packages that use CallableSql
com.avaje.ebean Core API (see Ebean and EbeanServer). 

Uses of CallableSql in com.avaje.ebean

Methods in com.avaje.ebean that return CallableSql
 CallableSql CallableSql.addModification(String tableName, boolean inserts, boolean updates, boolean deletes)
          Add table modification information to the TransactionEvent.
 CallableSql CallableSql.bind(int position, Object value)
          Bind a parameter that is bound as a IN parameter.
 CallableSql EbeanServer.createCallableSql(String callableSql)
          Create a CallableSql to execute a given stored procedure.
static CallableSql Ebean.createCallableSql(String sql)
          Create a CallableSql to execute a given stored procedure.
 CallableSql CallableSql.registerOut(int position, int type)
          Register an OUT parameter.
 CallableSql CallableSql.setLabel(String label)
          Set the label that is put in the transaction log.
 CallableSql CallableSql.setParameter(int position, Object value)
          Bind a positioned parameter (same as bind method).
 CallableSql CallableSql.setSql(String sql)
          Set the callable sql.
 CallableSql CallableSql.setTimeout(int secs)
          Set the statement execution timeout.

Methods in com.avaje.ebean with parameters of type CallableSql
 int EbeanServer.execute(CallableSql callableSql)
          Call a stored procedure.
static int Ebean.execute(CallableSql callableSql)
          For making calls to stored procedures.
 int EbeanServer.execute(CallableSql callableSql, Transaction t)
          Execute explicitly passing a transaction.

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