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Packages that use JoinConfig
com.avaje.ebean Core API (see Ebean and EbeanServer). 

Uses of JoinConfig in com.avaje.ebean

Methods in com.avaje.ebean that return JoinConfig
 JoinConfig JoinConfig.lazy()
          Specify that this join should be lazy loaded using the default batch load size.
 JoinConfig JoinConfig.lazy(int lazyBatchSize)
          Specify that this join should be lazy loaded with a specified batch size.
 JoinConfig JoinConfig.query()
          Specify that this join should instead be invoked as a "query join" (rather than a fetch join).
 JoinConfig JoinConfig.query(int queryBatchSize)
          Specify that this path should be loaded as a separate query (rather than as part of the main query).
 JoinConfig JoinConfig.queryFirst(int queryBatchSize)
          Similar to query(int) but only fetches the first batch.

Methods in com.avaje.ebean with parameters of type JoinConfig
 Query<T> Query.join(String path, JoinConfig joinConfig)
          Same as Query.fetch(String, FetchConfig)
 Query<T> Query.join(String assocProperty, String fetchProperties, JoinConfig joinConfig)
          Additionally specify a JoinConfig to specify a "query join" and or define the lazy loading query.

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