Uses of Interface

Packages that use NamingConvention
com.avaje.ebean.config Configuration settings for EbeanServer construction 

Uses of NamingConvention in com.avaje.ebean.config

Classes in com.avaje.ebean.config that implement NamingConvention
 class AbstractNamingConvention
          Provides some base implementation for NamingConventions.
 class MatchingNamingConvention
          The JPA naming convention where column names match property names and table names match entity names.
 class UnderscoreNamingConvention
          Converts between Camel Case and Underscore based names for both table and column names (and is the default naming convention in Ebean).

Methods in com.avaje.ebean.config that return NamingConvention
 NamingConvention ServerConfig.getNamingConvention()
          Return the NamingConvention.

Methods in com.avaje.ebean.config with parameters of type NamingConvention
 void ServerConfig.setNamingConvention(NamingConvention namingConvention)
          Set the NamingConvention.

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