Interface TxRunnable

public interface TxRunnable

Execute a TxRunnable in a Transaction scope.

Use this with the Ebean.execute(TxRunnable) method.

See also TxCallable.

 // this run method runs in a transaction scope 
 // which by default is TxScope.REQUIRED
 Ebean.execute(new TxRunnable() {
        public void run() {
                User u1 = Ebean.find(User.class, 1);
                User u2 = Ebean.find(User.class, 2);
                u1.setName("u1 mod");
                u2.setName("u2 mod");

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Method Summary
 void run()
          Run the method in a transaction sope.

Method Detail


void run()
Run the method in a transaction sope.

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