Package com.avaje.ebean.annotation

Extra deployment annotations


Annotation Types Summary
CacheStrategy Specify the default cache use specific entity type.
CacheTuning Specify cache tuning for a specific entity type.
CreatedTimestamp For a timestamp property that is set to the datetime when the entity is created/inserted.
EmbeddedColumns Specify property name to db column mapping for Embedded beans.
Encrypted Specify that the property is stored in encrypted form.
EnumMapping For mapping the values of an Enum to and from Database values.
EnumValue Enables you to specify a value to use to persist for an enum value.
Formula Assign to a property to be based on a SQL formula.
LdapAttribute Used to define the mapping of a bean property to an Ldap attribute.
LdapDomain Used to mark an Entity as a Ldap Domain object.
LdapId Used to define the ID property.
NamedUpdate An Update statement for a particular entity bean type.
NamedUpdates Holds an array of named Update statements for a particular entity bean type.
PrivateOwned Specify that the elements of a OneToMany are private owned.
Sql Specify explicit sql for multiple select statements.
SqlSelect Deprecated.
Transactional Specify transaction scoping for a method.
UpdatedTimestamp For a timestamp property that is set to the datetime when the entity was last updated.
UpdateMode Specify the update mode for the specific entity type.
Where Add an Literal to add to the where clause when a many property (List, Set or Map) is loaded or refreshed.

Package com.avaje.ebean.annotation Description

Extra deployment annotations

Extra deployment annotations for entity beans.

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