Class ObjectGraphOrigin

  extended by com.avaje.ebean.bean.ObjectGraphOrigin
All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class ObjectGraphOrigin
extends Object

implements Serializable


Represents a "origin" of an ORM object graph. This combines the call stack and query plan hash.

The call stack is included so that the query can have different tuned fetches for each unique call stack. For example, a query to fetch a customer could be called by three different methods and each can be treated as a separate origin point (and autoFetch can tune each one separately).

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Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
ObjectGraphOrigin(int queryHash, CallStack callStack, String beanType)
Method Summary
 String getBeanType()
          The type of bean the query is fetching.
 CallStack getCallStack()
          The call stack involved.
 String getFirstStackElement()
 String getKey()
          The key includes the queryPlan hash and the callStack hash.
 String toString()
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Constructor Detail


public ObjectGraphOrigin(int queryHash,
                         CallStack callStack,
                         String beanType)
Method Detail


public String getKey()
The key includes the queryPlan hash and the callStack hash. This becomes the unique identifier for a query point.


public String getBeanType()
The type of bean the query is fetching.


public CallStack getCallStack()
The call stack involved.


public String getFirstStackElement()


public String toString()
toString in class Object

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