Package com.avaje.ebean.bean

Enhanced beans API and Support objects


Interface Summary
BeanCollection<E> Lazy loading capable Maps, Lists and Sets.
BeanCollectionAdd Interface to define the addition of a bean to the underlying collection.
BeanCollectionLoader Loads a entity bean collection.
BeanCollectionTouched Used to specify a listener to be notified when a BeanCollection is first used.
BeanLoader Loads a entity bean.
EntityBean Bean that is aware of EntityBeanIntercept.
NodeUsageListener Collects the profile information.
PersistenceContext Holds entity beans by there type and id.

Class Summary
CallStack Represent the call stack (stack trace elements).
EntityBeanIntercept This is the object added to every entity bean using byte code enhancement.
NodeUsageCollector Collects profile information for a bean (or reference/proxy bean) at a given AutoFetchNode.
ObjectGraphNode Identifies a unique node of an object graph.
ObjectGraphOrigin Represents a "origin" of an ORM object graph.
SerializeControl This is ONLY used for subclassed entity beans.

Enum Summary

Package com.avaje.ebean.bean Description

Enhanced beans API and Support objects

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