Package com.avaje.ebean.config.dbplatform

Database platform specific support


Interface Summary
DbEncrypt Defines DB encryption support for encrypting and decrypting data using DB encryption features.
IdGenerator Generates unique id's for objects.
SqlLimiter Adds SQL limiting to a query (such as LIMIT OFFSET).
SqlLimitRequest The request object for the query that can have sql limiting applied to it (such as a LIMIT OFFSET clause).

Class Summary
AbstractDbEncrypt Base type for DB platform specific Encryption.
DatabasePlatform Database platform specific settings.
DB2Platform DB2 specific platform.
DB2SequenceIdGenerator DB2 specific sequence Id Generator.
DbDdlSyntax Used to support DB specific syntax for DDL generation.
DbIdentity Defines the identity/sequence behaviour for the database.
DbType Represents a DB type with name, length, precision, and scale.
DbTypeMap Used to map bean property types to DB specific types for DDL generation.
H2DbEncrypt H2 encryption support via encrypt decrypt function.
H2Platform H2 specific platform.
H2SequenceIdGenerator H2 specific sequence Id Generator.
LimitOffsetSqlLimiter Adds LIMIT OFFSET clauses to a SQL query.
MsSqlServer2000Platform Microsoft SQL Server 2000 specific platform.
MsSqlServer2005Platform Microsoft SQL Server 2005 specific platform.
MySqlBlob Support for blob, mediumblob or longblob selection based on the deployment length.
MySqlClob Support for text, mediumtext or longtext selection based on the deployment length.
MySqlDbEncrypt MySql aes_encrypt aes_decrypt based encryption support.
MySqlPlatform MySQL specific platform.
Oracle10DbEncrypt Oracle encryption support.
Oracle10Platform Oracle10 and greater specific platform.
Oracle9Platform Since Ebean v2.2.0 Oracle9 is no different from Oracle10.
OracleSequenceIdGenerator Oracle specific sequence Id Generator.
PostgresDbEncrypt Postgres pgp_sym_encrypt pgp_sym_decrypt based encryption support.
PostgresPlatform Postgres v8.3 specific platform.
PostgresSequenceIdGenerator Postgres specific sequence Id Generator.
RowNumberSqlLimiter Adds the ROW_NUMBER() OVER function to a query.
RownumSqlLimiter Add ROWNUM column etc around SQL query to limit results.
SequenceIdGenerator Database sequence based IdGenerator.
SimpleSequenceIdGenerator A very simple Database sequence based IdGenerator.
SqlLimitResponse The resulting SQL from a SqlLimit process.

Enum Summary
IdType The types of Identity generation that can be defined.

Package com.avaje.ebean.config.dbplatform Description

Database platform specific support

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