Package com.avaje.ebean.config

Configuration settings for EbeanServer construction


Interface Summary
CompoundType<V> API from creating and getting property values from an Immutable Compound Value Object.
CompoundTypeProperty<V,P> Represents a Property of a Compound Value Object.
EncryptDeployManager Programmatically define which database columns are encrypted.
EncryptKey Represents the key used for encryption.
EncryptKeyManager Determine keys used for encryption and decryption.
Encryptor Used for Java side encryption of properties when DB encryption is not used.
ExternalTransactionManager Provides awareness of externally managed transactions.
NamingConvention Defines the naming convention for converting between logical property names/entity names and physical DB column names/table names.
PstmtDelegate Unwrap the PreparedStatement to get the specific underlying implementation.
ScalarTypeConverter<B,S> Used to convert between a value object and a known scalar type.

Class Summary
AbstractNamingConvention Provides some base implementation for NamingConventions.
AutofetchConfig Defines the Autofetch behaviour for a EbeanServer.
DataSourceConfig Used to config a DataSource when using the internal Ebean DataSource implementation.
EncryptDeploy Define the encryption options for a bean property.
GlobalProperties Provides access to properties loaded from the file.
MatchingNamingConvention The JPA naming convention where column names match property names and table names match entity names.
ServerConfig The configuration used for creating a EbeanServer.
TableName TableName holds catalog, schema and table name.
UnderscoreNamingConvention Converts between Camel Case and Underscore based names for both table and column names (and is the default naming convention in Ebean).

Enum Summary
AutofetchMode The mode for determining if Autofetch will be used for a given query when Query.setAutofetch(boolean) has not been explicitly set on a query.
EncryptDeploy.Mode The Encryption mode.

Package com.avaje.ebean.config Description

Configuration settings for EbeanServer construction

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