Package com.avaje.ebean.meta

Entity Beans for getting "Meta" data from Ebean


Class Summary
MetaAutoFetchStatistic Statistics collected by AutoFetch profiling.
MetaAutoFetchStatistic.NodeUsageStats Collects usages statistics for a given node in the object graph.
MetaAutoFetchStatistic.QueryStats FIXME: This will likely be deprecated in favour of a separate object graph cost.
MetaAutoFetchTunedQueryInfo "Tuned fetch" information used by AutoFetch.
MetaQueryStatistic Query execution statistics Meta data.

Package com.avaje.ebean.meta Description

Entity Beans for getting "Meta" data from Ebean

You can query these entity beans to get "meta" data from Ebean. This includes things like query execution statistics.

// fetch the meta data that controls autoFetch query tuning
Query query = Ebean.createQuery(MetaAutoFetchTunedFetch.class);
List list = query.findList();

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