Package com.avaje.ebean.validation.factory

Factories to create validators.


Interface Summary
Validator Executes validation on a bean.
ValidatorFactory Creates a Validator for using in Ebean.

Class Summary
AssertFalseValidatorFactory Creates a AssertTrue validator.
AssertTrueValidatorFactory Creates a AssertTrue validator.
EmailValidation An email address represents the textual string of an RFC 2822 email address and other corresponding information of interest.
EmailValidatorFactory Creates a Email validator.
FutureValidatorFactory Creates an appropriate Future validator.
LengthValidatorFactory Creates a String length validator.
LengthValidatorFactory.LengthValidator The actual length validator.
NoAttributesValidator Abstract validator that has no attributes.
NotEmptyValidatorFactory Creates NotEmpty validators depending on the type.
NotNullValidatorFactory Creates a NotNull validator.
PastValidatorFactory Creates an appropriate Past validator.
PatternValidatorFactory Creates a String length validator.
RangeValidatorFactory Creates a String length validator.

Package com.avaje.ebean.validation.factory Description

Factories to create validators.

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