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by Rob 16 Nov 21:45
Only Single Table Inheritance is currently implemented

The other two options as specified in EJB3 are enhancements.

I see these as pretty high priority so I hope to get onto doing this fairly soon.

I'd like to point out I'm keen to hear views on putting inheritance back into the database via SQL3 Type Inheritance or Postgres Table Inheritance. There is a whitepaper on this, so if you haven't yet had a look at that please do.

For me, the longer term approach should be to put table inheritance into the Database avoiding the limitations and issues that the 3 strategies (as per EJB3 spec) give us.

16 Nov 21:48
by Rob

BTW: With my Oracle10 I tired to use the CREATE TABLE UNDER ... and got a NOT IMPLEMENTED error. Perhaps I stuffed up, or perhaps you can't really do this in Oracle at the moment.

I have not yet had time to try this with Postgres or Virtuoso but as soon as I do I'll post something back into here.

12 May 13:24
by cmendis

Are the other types of inheritance (Joined and TablePerClass) going to be supported in the near future? This is currently preventing me from using Avaje, which I like very much for its simplicity.

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