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by apoptosis 16 Mar 02:04
Expose Query field getters

I have a need to modify Queries on the fly. In particular I want to change ASC or DESC order based. To do this given a Query I need to call query.getOrderBy() and add/replace the asc/desc in the query.

DefaultOrmQuery has this method but its not exposed through Query interface.

I would also like to see OrderBy be decomposed, into either an Order object, or:

List orderByColumns
String orderByDirection

This is the last of my requests tonight. This all stems from me trying to replace an existing Hibernate installation with EBean.

16 Mar 10:04
by Rob

I have added a String getOrderBy() method to the Query interface.

I'll think about the decomposing of the order by into a list of columns/directions. I'm thinking you could create a little parser to do that for the moment... Hmmm.

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