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by Ilya Skorik 01 Feb 01:07
Questions about spring configuration

This is my spring confuguration

1. How I can disable logging?
2. How I can setup default ebean server?

01 Feb 01:07
by Ilya Skorik

Oh.. and how I can write xml here? =)

01 Feb 09:32
by Rob
<pre class="java"> 
your xml in here

01 Feb 09:34
by Rob

In the example above there was a end tag to the pre as well.

07 Feb 01:50
by Ilya Skorik
<bean id="serverConfig" parent="defaultEbeanServerConfig">
        <property name="dataSource" ref="dataSource"/>
        <property name="name" value="ebeanServer"/>
        <property name="ddlGenerate" value="false"/>
        <property name="ddlRun" value="false"/>

        <property name="autofetchConfig">
            <bean class="com.avaje.ebean.config.AutofetchConfig">
                <property name="logDirectory" value="${catalina.base}/logs"/>
        <property name="transactionLogDirectory" value="${catalina.base}/logs"></property>

    <!-- Ebean Server -->
    <bean id="eorm" class="com.avaje.ebean.springsupport.factory.EbeanServerFactoryBean">
        <property name="serverConfig" ref="serverConfig"/>

1. How I can disable all logging?
2. How I can setup default ebean server?

09 Feb 21:01
by Rob

Sorry... been busy... will get to this tonight hopefully.

Thanks for your patience.

Also note... we will probably be shutting down the forums and instead look to just use the Google Group.

Thanks again,

11 Feb 10:38
by Rob

> How I can disable all logging?

If you mean transaction logging... then ServerConfig.setTransactionLogging(TxLogLevel.NONE).

Have you seen the "default-ebean-server.xml" ... in the spring modele? So we need to additionally set transactionLogging to TxLogLevel.NONE.

> 2. How I can setup default ebean server?

Similarly, ServerConfig.setDefaultServer(true).

Does that answer your questions? I'm thinking it might not.

Cheers, Rob.

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