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by Andreas Bochem 21 Feb 17:02
Transaction log won't shut up


I have some trouble shutting the mysql_transYYYYMMDD.log up, it keeps getting
filled at ridiculous speed. When I start my application, the log fills up
the ~700MB log space within 12 hours! And this is not even running at the max
load to be expected in production.

I think this is way too much debug output:

trans[1001], 17:03:23.876, select c0, r.state c1, r.start_time c2, r.request_interval c3, r.interval_type c4, r.interval_timeout c5, r.timeout c6, r.rep
etitions c7, r.repetitions_done c8, r.operation c9, r.rmon_data_source c10, r.rmon_buckets_requested c11, r.rmon_interval c12, r.rmon_rate_base c13, r.rmon_r
equested_size c14, r.rmon_which_table c15, r.user c16  from requests r  where r.state = ?
trans[1001], 17:03:23.889, FindMany exeMicros[12545] rows[0] type[Request] name[] predicates[r.state = ? ] bind[ACTIVE]
trans[1001], 17:03:59.235, select c0, a.hostname c1, c2, a.snmp_version c3  from agents a  where a.hostname = ?
trans[1001], 17:03:59.250, FindMany exeMicros[15322] rows[1] type[Agent] name[] predicates[a.hostname = ? ] bind[]
trans[1002], 17:04:00.989, insert into requests (state, start_time, request_interval, interval_type, interval_timeout, timeout, repetitions, repetitions_done
, operation, rmon_data_source, rmon_buckets_requested, rmon_interval, rmon_rate_base, rmon_requested_size, rmon_which_table, user) values (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,
?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)
trans[1002], 17:04:00.996, Binding Insert [requests]  set[state=ACTIVE, startTime=Sun Feb 21 17:04:14 CET 2010, requestInterval=10000, intervalType=0, interv
alTimeout=0, timeout=0, repetitions=2, repetitionsDone=null, operation=NLHOST, rmonDataSource=1, rmonBucketsRequested=5, rmonInterval=10, rmonRateBase=3, rmo
nRequestedSize=100, rmonWhichTable=0, user=abochem, ]
trans[1002], 17:04:00.997, Inserted [Request] [6]
trans[1002], 17:04:00.999, insert into request_agent_associations (request_id, agent_id) values (?, ?)
trans[1003], 17:04:01.009, InsertSql table[request_agent_associations] rows[1] bind[6, 1, ]
trans[1002], 17:04:01.018, select c0, r.rmon_requested_size c1, r.state c2, r.request_interval c3, r.repetitions_done c4, r.repetitions c5, r.start_time
 c6, r.operation c7, r.interval_type c8, r.rmon_data_source c9, r.interval_timeout c10, r.user c11, r.timeout c12         , c13, c14, ra.h
ostname c15, ra.snmp_version c16  from requests r left outer join request_agent_associations raz_ on raz_.request_id =  left outer join agents ra on ra.
id = raz_.agent_id  where = ?    order by
trans[1002], 17:04:01.031, FindById exeMicros[10836] rows[0:1] type[Request] bind[6]
trans[1003], 17:04:01.035, update requests set state=? where id=? and state=?
trans[1003], 17:04:01.035, Binding Update [requests]  set[state=RUNNING, ] where[requestId=6, state=ACTIVE, ]
trans[1003], 17:04:01.036, Updated [Request] [6]
trans[1004], 17:04:14.103, insert into nl_host_entries (repetition, host_address, protocol_local_index, in_packets, out_packets, in_octets, out_octets, out_m
ac_non_unicast_pkts, create_time, request_id, agent_id) values (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)


I put in my those log-related options:





I thought, all those 0's should do the trick - alas they don't.

I've been picking those options from various places, been desperately
searching for a complete list of all ebean properties to see if I got something
wrong or missed anything... but didn't find anything better.

Can you provide any help?


22 Feb 00:49
by Rob



The relevant bit of code (where all the properties are loaded) is in ServerConfig.loadFromProperties().

What has happened here is that these levels changed from an int to a enum ... and obviously the examples still have the old properties (apologies).

Also note, you can change the log levels at runtime ...


Cheers, Rob.

PS: Also note, we are going to shutdown these forums and move all questions onto the google group at some point soon.

22 Feb 13:32
by Andreas Bochem

Thanks, Rob! That helped.

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