Please use the google group to ask questions - thanks.

by Rob 22 Feb 00:58
Moving over to the Google Group

Hi folks,

We are going to try and use the Google Group for all questions etc rather than these forums.

Let me know if anyone has any issues or concerns with this (privacy issues etc).

Thanks, Rob.

robin dot bygrave at gmail com.

22 Feb 13:55
by Andreas Bochem

Hi Rob,

I do have privacy concerns regarding Google. That's why I signed up on and not there.

From my experience, Google is rather known for doing more data mining and
analysis than for less, and though I don't have as much time as I'd wish to
investigate those issues, from what I can gather I'm inclined to rather not
trust them.

That's why I don't store my mail, docs, or anything else on Google. I think
they're fine as a search engine, but not for my communication.

I think a login there would only allow them to connect my communication with my
search requests. I see all their activities in that light, even setting up
their public DNS servers: Collecting information, information, information....
(insert laughter from the 60's series "The Prisoner" here ;)

Bottom line: They're quite too big-brotheresque to me. I don't want my
government to spy on me, I don't want any private company to do it either
- both for the same reasons.


22 Feb 20:01
by Rob

That's fair enough. I can see that being an issue with other folks too.

I'll leave the forums open ... and you can always just email me direct if need be.

The forums need some love/time/upgrade ... which I don't have time to do just yet unfortunately.

Thanks for the feedback.

Cheers, Rob.

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