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by Lyubo 04 Mar 10:54
make _ebean properties transient

A problem occurred when using a JSON serializer (gson) which fails to serialize any enhanced class due to circular referencing. if added _ebean properties are declared as transient many serializers would skip them.

04 Mar 21:33
by Rob

Ok, good point - I'll look at that.

Not that with v2.4.0 ... Ebean now has a 'vanilla' mode (as long as you are using subclassing and not enhancement).

List<Order> orders = Ebean.find(Order.class)

... so this returns types that are plain 'vanilla' types... and not dynamically generated subclasses (dynamic proxies).

... but yup - good point, I'll look into that.

Cheers, Rob.

05 Mar 14:56
by Lyubo

well, sub-classing is not our choice to use. we use a very attractive framework with dynamic compiling ( and we do custom enhancing using Transformer class directly.

05 Mar 22:18
by Rob

Cool - just checking in case it was an option :)

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06 Mar 08:47
by Rob

Note that we are not changing the default access for the intercept field.

You have to pass transientInternalFields=true as a parameter to the enhancement for the access to change to be transient.

You can try this now if you want. The 2.5.0 BETA version is available from:

Cheers, Rob.

08 Mar 17:53
by Lyubo

Cool. I'll try it as soon as I can. Thanks.

15 Apr 15:08
by Lyubo

Tried it. Works great. Thanks.

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