Please use the google group to ask questions - thanks.

by Lyubo 05 Mar 14:43

We are to use sqlite in a project together with ebean. Since there's no DatabasePlatform in ebean fo sqlite e wrote a sample DatbasePlatform class for sqlite in order to use some features (generated id in practicular), which we can contribute upon interest.

05 Mar 22:20
by Rob

Most definately :)

You can email to me if you like. robin.bygrave at gmail dot com.

Cheers, Rob.

16 Apr 20:40
by florin

Any more on this?

19 Apr 16:37
by Lyubo

Yes, I have already send a mail to Rob with code attached. I can send it again to him and to you.

Note that there is not much functionality in it - I just made it to work with auto generated id's. It has to be further developed maybe.

19 Apr 16:39
by Lyubo

BTW, I have a similar file with for HSQLDB.

19 Apr 21:14
by Rob

Hmmm, I don't seem to have the email.

Perhaps you could send it again (or upload to the google group files section).

robin dot bygrave at gmail dot com.

Cheers, Rob.

21 Apr 00:04
by Rob

Update: I got it ... and have added it to HEAD.

15 Mar 21:22
by tsunami2311

Can i get that file ... PLEASE.... If someone can email to me, armin88baljic [at] .... tnx....

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