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by Rob 25 Mar 00:04
NASTY BUG ALERT: .... partial object losing changes with setter on non-loaded property

This is bad news I'm afraid.

Eddie has found a bug with a scenario that we didn't have a unit test for.

Effectively you can lose some of your changes ...

1. - partially load a bean
2. - modify the loaded properties (you will lose these changes)
3. - modify a property that isn't loaded
- this invokes lazy loading for the extra properties
- BUG: this resets the loaded state of the bean so you lose the
changes in step 2

4. Now you have your bean ... but the only modified property is the Step 3

Unfortunately we didn't have a test case for this scenario which is my
oversight. The good news is I'm off contract (working from home) so I have
already reproduced it and got a fix in HEAD.

I'll be deploying a v2.5.1 release ASAP.

I have not confirmed which versions this effects yet but I suspect 2.5.0,
2.4.0 and 2.3.0. If you can't upgrade to v2.5.1 and need a fix backported
let me know. I'll update this post as I make further progress.

Again, apologies for this awful bug.

- Rob.

Please follow the progress on the google group:

25 Mar 20:21
by Rob


I deployed a fixed 2.5.1 release to the maven repository yesterday.

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