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by wm 28 Mar 22:59
polymorphic association


I have an abstract class Organization and two concrete classes Customer and Supplier inheriting it. There is another class LoginUser that has Organization as an attribute.

public class Organization extends BaseEntity {

public class Customer extends Organization {

public class Supplier extends Organization {

public class LoginUser {

private String name;

private Organization organization;

After Customer was created in database, I am trying to save login user but I have following error.

txn[1003], 18:39:24.950, Binding Insert [organization] set[dtype=null, name=US, skin=yello, version=1, ]
txn[1003], 18:39:24.950, ERROR executing DML bindLog[Binding Insert [organization] set[dtype=null, name=US, skin=yello, version=1, ]] error[NULL not allowed for column "DTYPE"; SQL statement:\n insert into organization (dtype, name, skin, version) values (?,?,?,?) [23502-158]]

I wonder if I can get help on this. It would be appreciated very much.

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