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by mry.shariff 03 Aug 19:09
TimeToLive cache configuration

Hi guys, we are deciding which orm framework is the best option for a particular project. We are specially interested in cache behavior/performance.
Is there a way that allow to configure the maximum time for an object stored in cache?
I think that maybe this configuration does not have much sense given that ebean manages all de changes in the entities (even external changes) and updates the objects storage in cache accordingly and immediately. Am I ok?

Thanks for your time.

04 Aug 01:25
by mry.shariff

I just realized that the doc mentions that the code needs to "inform Ebean so that it invalidates appropriate parts of its cache" in case of external changes, so I think that some config param like TimeToLive would be useful in order to avoid inform to Ebean about external changes.
What do you think?

05 Aug 02:36
by mry.shariff

Answer by Rob Bygrave i Ebean google group (!forum/ebean):

@CacheTuning has maxSecsToLive, maxIdleTime, maxSize.

So yes, use maxSecsToLive to specify a time to live.

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