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by telefonica 23 Apr 21:59
Cannot query data in uppercase column names?

I am attempting to connect to a table in a local postgres database. If I use uppercase column names in the table, ebean goes haywire. I must use lower case column names! This is frustrating, is there any way around this?

Here's an example output from my logfile:

javax.persistence.PersistenceException: Query threw SQLException:ERROR: column t0.structure_id does not exist
Position: 21
Bind values:[]
Query was:
select as c0, t0.STRUCTURE_ID as c1, t0.owner1 as c2, t0.site_addr as c3, t0.tid_interp as c4 from canton t0
limit 11

If I change the name of the column in postgres to lower case structure_id, everything works fine.

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