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by Rob 05 May 00:47
Current top features to add...

Just to summarise, the top features on the add list are :-

- general code cleanup
- refresh
- diff
- Use of standard logging (except for transaction logging)
- Annotations (Enums, Overrides)

A big feature on the list is support for JPA QL (query language support) at least in part.

21 Aug 08:47
by Rob

These have all made it into 0.9.3 except JPA Query Language.

22 Aug 21:01
by Rob

For the next major release the features to add are currently...

- Support for fetching only the properties you wish (lazy loading the rest on demand)
- Support for a query language
- new Query object supporting generics (on findList, findMap, findSet)

10 Dec 09:13
by Rob

0.9.5 - Better support for mapping native SQL to @Entity beans

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