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by johan 03 Nov 17:31
ASM dependency

The documentation states that ebean utilizes ASM. I was a bit puzzled as an asm.jar is not in the ebean distribution so I didn't know if I had do download it separately and which version was supported. Looking in the ebean jars I realized you are packing ASM with the ebean jars. Maybe you could mention that in the documentation somewhere ... in case it isn't there already and I simply overlooked it.

06 Nov 07:05
by Rob

Yes, I should quite right...

ASM invites users like Ebean to repackage to avoid dependancy version issues (lots of products/frameworks use ASM so it is a good way to avoid clashes with an incompatible version).

Semi-unrelated... I can not say enough good things about ASM. In my book it is the coolest little bit of code I have come across.

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