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by user1 07 Nov 14:56
Why is there no EBJ QL support?
16 Nov 21:39
by Rob

Well, the current plan is to get some feedback to see if people really want this.

I suspect that some will, and really it is really in Ebean this would just be a way of builiding a FindByPredicates object using EJBQL sytax.

If you really want this feature then please let me know.

Thanks, Rob.

12 Feb 04:58
by Rob

BTW: I am now pretty convinced I need to support JPA QL. As Alex pointed out, this would make it easy for people to use Ebean or JPA in a DAO pattern.

Initially the plan would be to support simpler JPA Queries and work on the aggregate type queries later. Anyway, I'll get onto this shortly.

If you have any opinions on this I'd still like to hear them - thanks, Rob.

10 Dec 09:23
by Rob

There are various reasons why I created a separate query language first. Mostly to support partial object queries. It will be interesting to see where JPA 2.0 goes with query support for partial objects.

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